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Is it too late to save our children’s planet?

I came across this article that says it all. After a few minutes of thought and a sip of coffee, the following transpired: My initial find lead to another article with a more positive spin. That lead to the book … Continue reading

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Biofuels are not the Answer

Biofuels are an accelerant to our own demise. This article is one of many that highlight how the rush to supplant our petroleum supply with ethanol, etc., creates more problems than they fix. Curbing use should be our primary concern, … Continue reading

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Open Source Fights Corporate Advertising Compromise

Open Source software (aka FOSS – Free and Open Source Software) for all intents and purposes is grass roots software development. By publishing the source code (thus open source) you make it available for others to innovate. Very different from … Continue reading

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Carlyle Group buying nursing home chains??

Why are Bush Sr. and Co. buying a chain of 50+ nursing homes and why is there not more uproar? This Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article seems to only mention the issue that the union has concerns. Evidently Pennsylvania is not the … Continue reading

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Mission of this Blog

As of October 2007 this is Kevin’s place to think out loud, vent, communicate, etc. on planning for a better future than our society’s current trajectory has us headed. Think sustainability, addressing climate change, curbing consumption in the face of … Continue reading

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