Mission of this Blog

As of October 2007 this is Kevin’s place to think out loud, vent, communicate, etc. on planning for a better future than our society’s current trajectory has us headed. Think sustainability, addressing climate change, curbing consumption in the face of Peak Oil, waking up in a cold sweat, looking around and realizing that my future will not be that which I see my parents aging in today. We can’t assume this trend of bigger-better-faster will continue for us or our children. People have to realize that if we do not embrace actively changing our habits, our lifestyles, our beliefs to coexist and use the Earth’s resources wisely, our future is scary.
Darfur is not a place where people just though it was time to have war to oppress the unarmed. It is a place where climate change turned their world into a wasteland and they became refugees. Where the onslaught of these refugees made another people fear for their own future and turn these people away, forcibly. Yet we can’t even debate that reality because we live in a society that doesn’t question root causes, but is caught in the triviality of what is being fed to them by the media.
Soap-box aside, you get the picture.

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