Responsible Simplicity to Save our Country

If there is one thing that upsets me most about America, its our unwillingness to be responsible. If we were accountable, trustworthy, and honest, we’d see that we need to change our ways to save our society from ruin. Why do we

  1. Claim to love our children while we squander the very limited resources that they will need to survive
  2. Waste time and resources on CAFE laws that will only really kick in way after economic conditions will have already forced our car buying habits
  3. Waste lives, money, and international goodwill fighting a war for oil when we should be sucking-it-up and reducing our energy waste by measurable personal lifestyle changes
  4. Believe in religions that only attribute rewards for people believing a narrow doctrine while simultaneously excusing their patrons from most of its core beliefs in the fight to force others to believe or die

Instead, why don’t we

  1. Show we care for our children and the world we’re handing over to them by being environmental role models
  2. Streamline the government, simplify the tax code, and kill-off 99% of litigation
  3. Get out of Iraq, stop bullying, and start listening
  4. Get religion back out of the government and replace politically correctness with true compassion.
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