Wake up call on big government

The 800+ pages that comprise the recently signed CAFE energy bill prove that our expectations of our federal government are either way out-of-whack or severly misunderstood. What could be determined by the market was twisted into a bloated, convoluted rag that sucked up huge amounts of government resources (mostly elected politicians and civil servant time). All it does is create self-fulfilling loops of complexity to justify litigation, tax consulting, and more lobbying.

The key to the “emperor has no clothes” fable was that the public knew to keep their clothes on. I’m looking around at a naked crowd on these shores.

Our government’s motto should be: Infrastructure, peace, and protection for the future. In other words: teamwork, compassion, and responsible planning.

Fuel economy is a solution better served by common sense, NOT by what was just handed to America by a corrupt, bloated, federal government.  Someone give them some clothes to wear.

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