Does the World See us as the New England Patriots?

I rooted for the New York Giants in the recent Super Bowl as I assume most Americans did.  We like to root for underdogs, especially when the favored team is so dominant, tainted, and believes in their own superiority, no matter what they’ll admit to in public.  The little guy winning means we all stand a chance in the future.

Does the rest of the world see America in the same light that so many of us saw the New England Patriots?  Patriot fans must have felt injustice, before and after the Super Bowl.  After all, they are an excellent team.  They’d brush off “Spygate” saying  that their victories since then more than prove that it was never really a factor in winning.  In a similar vein, we may underestimate the involvement of our CIA in our success overseas since the 1940’s.  Patriot fans feel like they deserved to win the Super Bowl because they had a perfect regular season.  Do we feel like we deserve the world’s resources because we have the money and we are a “democracy?”

Don’t get me wrong.  Just as I don’t wish any true ill-will to  the Patriots players, I don’t think most of the world wants Americans to die.  I’d be willing to bet that they’d love to see us slapped back into a .500 season on par with the rest of the league, though.  As Americans, isn’t it about time we stood back and realized that the rest of the world has a point.

We should stop denying that we have a tainted view of our “right” to the world’s resources and understand that the rest of the world has a point.  Our long term success as a team requires that the league thrives with us.

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