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Sustainable Pledge 2009

Rather than losing weight, getting in shape, spending less money, or any of the other most common New Year’s resolutions, why not make a concerted effort to live greener.  Aside from helping assure a better life for your own future, … Continue reading

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A Simple Platform for Barack Obama

On Linked-In, Barack Obama recently queried members how they think we should keep America competitive in the years ahead.  Below is my answer: America’s gotten fat and spoiled.  You can’t say that as a person running for office, but its … Continue reading

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Does the World See us as the New England Patriots?

I rooted for the New York Giants in the recent Super Bowl as I assume most Americans did.  We like to root for underdogs, especially when the favored team is so dominant, tainted, and believes in their own superiority, no … Continue reading

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Getting Past the Slandering of Ron Paul

I recently argued with some attorney-friends of mine that the recent slander aimed at Ron Paul (later disputed) was a ridiculous political trick made famous by the likes of Karl Rove. The article cites racist comments from Ron Paul affiliated … Continue reading

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Wake up call on big government

The 800+ pages that comprise the recently signed CAFE energy bill prove that our expectations of our federal government are either way out-of-whack or severly misunderstood. What could be determined by the market was twisted into a bloated, convoluted rag … Continue reading

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Responsible Simplicity to Save our Country

If there is one thing that upsets me most about America, its our unwillingness to be responsible. If we were accountable, trustworthy, and honest, we’d see that we need to change our ways to save our society from ruin. Why … Continue reading

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Is it too late to save our children’s planet?

I came across this article that says it all. After a few minutes of thought and a sip of coffee, the following transpired: My initial find lead to another article with a more positive spin. That lead to the book … Continue reading

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