Biofuels are not the Answer

Biofuels are an accelerant to our own demise. This article is one of many that highlight how the rush to supplant our petroleum supply with ethanol, etc., creates more problems than they fix. Curbing use should be our primary concern, followed closely by developing truly clean energy (solar, wind, …). I appreciate that the geo-political turmoil from oil imports is a serious problem that we need to address. However, ethanol development merely drains resources that should go the the aforementioned goals. Money, manpower, and our own natural resources have more important causes than taking from your plate to feed your gas tank. Even ethanol production that does not use “food” still consumes copious amounts of water, land, minerals from the soil, and often fossil fuels that have better direct uses.

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Open Source Fights Corporate Advertising Compromise

Open Source software (aka FOSS – Free and Open Source Software) for all intents and purposes is grass roots software development. By publishing the source code (thus open source) you make it available for others to innovate. Very different from the proprietary model of Microsoft, Apple, …
Here is an interesting article on how the founder of WordPress has adjusted over time to resist the black hole of compromises that advertising and corporate sponsorship tend to introduce.

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Carlyle Group buying nursing home chains??

Why are Bush Sr. and Co. buying a chain of 50+ nursing homes and why is there not more uproar? This Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article seems to only mention the issue that the union has concerns. Evidently Pennsylvania is not the only place they are doing so: (link from

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Mission of this Blog

As of October 2007 this is Kevin’s place to think out loud, vent, communicate, etc. on planning for a better future than our society’s current trajectory has us headed. Think sustainability, addressing climate change, curbing consumption in the face of Peak Oil, waking up in a cold sweat, looking around and realizing that my future will not be that which I see my parents aging in today. We can’t assume this trend of bigger-better-faster will continue for us or our children. People have to realize that if we do not embrace actively changing our habits, our lifestyles, our beliefs to coexist and use the Earth’s resources wisely, our future is scary.
Darfur is not a place where people just though it was time to have war to oppress the unarmed. It is a place where climate change turned their world into a wasteland and they became refugees. Where the onslaught of these refugees made another people fear for their own future and turn these people away, forcibly. Yet we can’t even debate that reality because we live in a society that doesn’t question root causes, but is caught in the triviality of what is being fed to them by the media.
Soap-box aside, you get the picture.

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